Propane Forklifts for Sale

When it comes to material handling equipment for warehouses, retail, distribution centers, and commercial or industrial operations, propane-powered forklifts are the superior choice to battery-operated machines. Propane is guaranteed to last longer and function more effectively and efficiently than battery operation, which only has a limited lifecycle and requires far more maintenance. Battery-operated forklifts are more likely to break down due to lack of maintenance and this can result in significant downtime for your business.

Propane-Powered Forklifts for Sale

If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable, and well-maintained new or used propane forklifts for sale in the GTA, then you’ve come to the right place. NovaLift Equipment Inc. is proud to provide a wide assortment of propane LPG forklifts that are an ideal fit for a number of different commercial and industrial applications. Whatever your operational needs are, we’re guaranteed to have the forklift that can fit the parameters of your workplace. All of our new and used forklifts are professionally maintained to ensure they’re in completely compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Labour safety standards.

What Are the Advantages of Propane LPG Forklifts?

There are a lot of advantages to buying propane LPG-powered forklifts over electric material handling equipment. Electric material handling equipment requires more maintenance, frequent battery cleaning and care, and they’re not always suitable for outdoor applications due to rain or other inclement weather conditions. Power outages prevent you from charging battery-operated electric forklifts, which can lead to operational downtime for your business and even lost revenues.

Diesel fuel-operated forklifts also have their faults as it’s more expensive, makes more noise, and requires costly equipment attachments to be deemed suitable and safe for indoor use. Plus, there’s a heightened risk of fuel contamination as the storage tanks are bulkier and more difficult to replace or refill.

Propane LPG tanks are the obvious choice amongst the three because they cost less to fill and maintain and you’re not at the mercy of electricity to power them. They’re also perfectly suitable and safe for both indoor and outdoor applications in virtually all-weather conditions and require minimal maintenance. Compared to electric material handling equipment, propane LPG-powered forklifts have a much stronger drive line torque and advanced automatic shutoff safety features.

Why Choose NovaLift Equipment Inc. Propane LPG Forklifts?

With an unwavering commitment to top-notch customer service and satisfaction, NovaLift Equipment Inc. has a reputation for being one of the most renowned propane LPG forklift suppliers in Toronto and the GTA. Our skilled technicians take the time to carefully inspect and maintain all of our new and used propane forklifts for sale on a regular basis. Simply tell us about your specific application needs and we can make the appropriate material handling equipment recommendations to fit the job description.

How to Buy Propane-Powered Forklifts in Toronto & GTA?

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NovaLift Equipment Inc. makes buying propane-powered forklifts in Toronto and the GTA easier than ever. Our highly experienced forklift technicians perform routine maintenance to ensure that all of our material handling equipment is primed for purchase. We also offer a large supply of forklift parts and attachments for every make and model in stock. Contact us today to learn more about our various propane-powered forklift options in Toronto!

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