RCM Sweepers and Scrubber

At NovaLift Equipment, we carry a full lineup of RCM floor sweepers and floor scrubbers. For over 55 years, RCM has been one of the leaders in floor cleaning technology.

RCM Floor Sweepers

RCM Floor Sweepers are known to be some of the lightest in the industry, which makes them more maneuverable and ideal for tight spaces. This light technology also reduces the effort for the operator, allowing for higher efficiency and less fatigue.

RCM Floor Sweepers also boast high visibility with their riding sweepers and incorporate side brush vacuums for increased dust control.


RCM Floor Scrubbers

RCM Floor Scrubbers come in a wide range of sizes that can tackle even the largest of environments.

With minimum bulk, enhanced driver ergonomics, optimal driving curve, and made to last with high-quality components, RCM Floor Scrubbers are the right choice when it comes to your industrial and commercial floor scrubbing needs.

Why Choose RCM Floor Sweepers and Scrubbers?

Since 1967, RCM Industrial and Urban Cleaning Machines have been the leader in floor sweepers and scrubbers.  To get these leading-edge sweepers and scrubbers in your facility, contact us at NovaLift Equipment for all the details.

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