GS Attachment Sweepers

Revolutionary New Hydraulic System

Hydraulically powered sweepers combined with your Telehandler/Skid Steer to make an ideal cleaning tool. Glanaco combines over 25 years experience to bring you reliable and heavy duty sweeping machines.

Technical Data of Each Model

Model Overall width Sweeping Width Weight Collector Bin LxWxH(mm) Flow Rate Width including side brush Water
GS140 1650mm 1400mm 380Kg 350 Itr 2050×1200 x1650 3.5 Itr/min 1900mm 125 Itr
GS170 1950mm 1700mm 450Kg 400 Itr 2050×1200 x1950 3.5 Itr/min 2150mm 125 Itr
GS200 2250mm 2000mm 540Kg 525 Itr 2050×1200 x2250 3.5 Itr/min 2500mm 250 Itr
GS240 2650mm 2400mm 790Kg 690 Itr 2000×1000 x2650 3.5 Itr/min 2900mm 250 Itr

The Different Types of Sweeper Attachments We Provide

  • GS240 - Loaders & Telehandlers

  • GS200 - Loaders & Telehandlers

  • GS170 - Loaders & Skid Steer

  • GS140 - Forklifts & Skid Steer

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