Floor Scrubbers

Floor Scrubbers

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Industrial Floor Scrubber Rental in Toronto

Whether it’s customers wandering around your store or warehouse workers and other employees transporting products or simply performing routine work-related tasks, brick-and-mortar commercial business areas experience high traffic during peak hours of the day or night.

High traffic flow, whether it’s manoeuvring material handling equipment or numerous people walking from point A to point B, can cause a lot of debris and dust to spread from one area to another. Using industrial floor scrubbers on a regular basis to clean up your workplace can make for a much safer and more productive and organized work environment.

The Different Types of Floor Scrubbers We Provide

At NovaLift Equipment Inc., we provide a wide range of floor scrubbers for sale or rent in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga and throughout the GTA.

Floor scrubbers are devices that are used for thoroughly cleaning floors in industrial complexes. Water and a strong chemical-based cleaning solution are mixed together and large brushes are used to scrub and lift residue from the floor.

Depending on the size and capacity of your business, you may need one of the following models that we offer:

  • Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers: As the name suggests, a walk-behind floor scrubber requires the operator to walk behind the machine and manually maneuver it across the floor, usually in a linear manner to maximize the cleaning power. The operator can also adjust the cleaning power and functional settings as needed. This is ideal for smaller work environments.
  • Ride-on Floor Scrubbers: For larger work environments, it may be more efficient to use a ride-on floor scrubber. The operator sits behind the helm of the machine and manually directs it across a larger workplace.

Why You Should Rent Industrial Floor Scrubbers from NovaLift Equipment Inc.?

NovaLift Equipment Inc. is proud to provide our customers with a top-notch floor scrubber rental experience in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga and throughout the GTA. All of our cleaning equipment is carefully inspected for necessary part replacements and repairs after each rental period ends. If the machinery requires service or repairs during the rental period, our technicians work hard to complete it as quickly as possible or we’ll provide you with a different floor scrubber to minimize business delays.

Here are a few other perks of renting a floor scrubber from NovaLift Equipment Inc.:

  • Competitive low rates to fit your budget
  • High-quality floor scrubbers from renowned brands
  • Both new and used floor scrubbers on offer
  • Rapid and effective cleaning to cut costs, boost productivity, and ensure employee safety
  • Quick turnaround

Scrubbing your floors on a regular basis can help keep your business organized, while also adhering to the strict work condition guidelines outlined by Ontario’s Ministry of Labour. If you need help choosing the right make, model, and type of floor scrubber for your business applications, then the experts at NovaLift Equipment Inc. can make the appropriate recommendations. We’re committed to helping you improve your business practices one clean floor at a time. Contact us today to learn more!

  • M360

    360-degree scrub and dry

  • M460

    Precise cleaning in confined spaces

  • M500

    Discover the industrial power hidden within

  • M550

    The compact approach to driving a wide brush

  • M510

    The machine that you know, has taken a step forward

  • M610

    Two brushes in perfect equilibrium

  • M710

    The commander of power and precision

  • M810

    The master of walk-behind auto-scrubbers

  • M650

    Ride-on power with no limits

  • M750

    MACH’s most popular ride-on auto-scrubber

  • M830

    A compact body that drives a wide brush

  • M850

    Recycling technology that’s breaking cleaning boundaries

  • M1000

    The compact ride-on scrubber has evolved

  • M1100 D

    Total cleaning power in motion

  • M1100 R

    One machine does it all