MACH Sweepers and Scrubbers

At NovaLift Equipment, we carry a robust lineup of MACH floor sweepers and floor scrubbers.

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MACH Floor Sweepers

MACH Floor Sweepers come in a wide variety of styles with many different features, so there’s sure to be a MACH floor sweeper to fit your specific requirements.

From the smallest walk-behind sweepers to robust heavy-duty ride-on sweepers, MACH floor sweepers are one of the global leaders in industrial floor sweeping technology.

The secret is their innovative vacuum filtration technology that controls the dust to increase efficiency, clean faster, and remove all hassles from the floor sweeping job.

MACH Floor Scrubbers

MACH Floor Scrubbers are known worldwide for their quality and efficiency. Whether it’s a walk-behind model or a ride-on auto scrubber, there’s a MACH floor scrubber perfect for any size or environment.

MACH Floor Scrubbers have a reputation of being both environmentally friendly and efficient with their ECOsystem® that not only recycles the water and detergent for environmental consideration, but also can boost cleaning capacity that could save you on labour and material costs.

Why Choose MACH Floor Sweepers and Scrubbers?

MACH Floor Cleaning Machines boast the latest technology for industrial and commercial floor cleaning. To get these leading-edge sweepers and scrubbers in your facility, contact us at NovaLift Equipment for all the details.

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