5 Best Forklift Attachments for Your Business

Forklift attachments are crucial components that can enhance the performance, reach, and functionality of your material handling equipment. Moreover, the right forklift accessories can also increase employee and operational productivity by making it easier for your workers to access various materials as needed. Using high-quality forklift attachments for lifting and transporting products or pallets from one part of your warehouse or distribution center to another can help boost the efficiency, productivity, and safety standards of your facility.

It also reduces the risk of potential damages or injuries and puts less stress on your material handling equipment, which means fewer repairs and part replacements will be needed. Keep reading to learn about the five most commonly used forklift attachments for sale in Concord and Woodbridge and why you need them for your business. 

1. Fork Positioners 

Fork positioners are an essential add-on because they allow the operator to automatically adjust the distance between the forks, so that they can accommodate different sized pallets and loads. Without them, the operator would have to manually adjust the forks, which slows down their productivity.

2. Clamps

Forklift clamps come in a variety of different configurations, but they all pretty much serve the same purpose, which is to seamlessly grip and handle large unusually shaped packages. The strong grip that clamps provide reduces the risk of dropping a pallet or load and damaging the inventory or causing an injury. Common forklift clamps include:

  • Bale clamps
  • Paper roll clamps
  • Harbour clamps
  • Carton clamps
  • Pipe clamps
  • Drum clamps 

3. Spreader Beam 

Also known as a spreader bar, this forklift attachment comes in handy for machines that have a limited horizontal loadbearing capacity. Loads and pallets can come in different shapes and sizes. Forklifts need to be equipped with the right accessories and attachments to accommodate those variations safely and efficiently. Spreader beams are designed to hold extra weight and stabilize otherwise unbalanced loads to make them easier to lift and transport through various industrial facilities.

4. Fork Rotators 

Fork rotators are most commonly used for disposing of waste in industrial facilities. Fork rotators are attached to a rotating apron and allow the operator to rotate the forks on the front of the machine between 180 to 360 degrees to dump the contents of the load into the appropriate receptacles. 

5. Safety Work Platform 

Safety work or raised platforms allow forklift operators and their colleagues to easily access materials that are stored on a higher level. One facility employee stands on the platform to retrieve the item in question while the forklift operator uses the controls to lift the platform up to the appropriate height and lower it once the task is completed. It takes two fully trained and certified facility workers to operate this equipment. 

Where to Buy Forklift Attachments in the GTA 

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