Why Forklift Preventative Maintenance Is So Important

Why Forklift Preventative Maintenance Is So Important

In order to avoid costly repairs to your forklift, it is important to keep a consistent preventative maintenance schedule as a priority. Similar to your car, your forklifts require forklift service in Toronto on a regular basis. This is to ensure all fluid and essential parts on the forklift are running smoothly and not causing unnecessary wear and tear. In addition to preventative maintenance, it is important to keep a daily visual checklist to avoid surprises when a technician inspects each forklift.

Since we are forklift dealers in Mississauga, preventative maintenance can be scheduled with one of our many skilled forklift technicians. Just set it and forget it—we will remind you when your forklift is due for scheduled maintenance based on daily usage. Daily checklist books are also available for purchase at NovaLift Equipment. Checking the forklift before use by each operator is crucial to make sure there is no damage or greater damage caused by existing minor wear and tear.

The main areas to inspect on your forklift when completing a daily checklist are the wear and damage on the tires, leaks that could be present on the unit, physical damage to the equipment body, the forklift’s fluid levels, the functionality of the brakes and pedals, the indicator lights, the accuracy and functionality of the steering, forks, the mirrors, the carriage operation functions, and all the gears and levers.

Whereas during a technician-led Preventative Maintenance check, it is more of an in depth look at the equipment. The technician does check that the general functions are well in order, but they also check the brakes, filters, belts, and hydraulic systems that, to someone without a trained eye, could go unnoticed. It is also very important to have the drive motors on electric units cleaned regularly to prevent overheating and further costly damage.

Your forklift is an investment that should be protected, the cost of repairing your forklift would far outweigh the cost of paying for preventative maintenance in addition to daily check-ins done by in-house staff. There is no need to worry about remembering to book the maintenance appointments, we do it for you.

Ensuring that your forklift is running smoothly at all times can not only save you money, but it protects the forklift operator as well. The Occupational Health and Safety Act fines are exponentially higher without forklift service documentation, the OHSA specifically looks for service documentation records to ensure that employee safety regulations are being met and complied with.

The extended life of your equipment due to regular service not only means less downtime, but it also implies that it will have an increased resale value. All the available documentation stating that the equipment has been cared for and serviced actually increases the value of the forklift.

Preventative maintenance with NovaLift Equipment’s Lift Equipment Specialists can not only save you money and time, but it also takes away the frustration of downtime and safety mishaps. Contact us today to learn more about our Preventative Maintenance Plans and Annual Safety Certification Inspections.

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