Frequently Asked Questions about Forklift Repairs in Concord

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Forklifts need to adhere to a regular maintenance schedule. Ideally, you should have your forklifts professionally inspected at least once every three to six months to guarantee optimal and safe operations and lower the risk of downtime. Signs that your forklift needs repair or servicing include:

  • It’s leaking any type of fluid
  • It gives the term “rough rider” a whole new meaning
  • The hoses are cracked or damaged
  • Slow acceleration means a tune-up may be in order
  • Slow engine turnover, indicating tires are worn out and need to be replaced
  • High emissions or unusual smells
  • Some or all of the hydraulic functions are not working properly
  • Any of the safety features are not working at all or working properly
  • Breaks are making squealing noises, are slow to react, or completely locked

All of these issues pose potential safety problems for operators and other warehouse crew and should be addressed immediately.

Investing in a forklift maintenance program in Vaughan or Concord is the best way to reduce repair costs and reduce the frequency of repairs. As long as you take good care of your material handling equipment and get them professionally inspected on a regular basis, they should be in excellent working condition for an extended period of time.

Routine forklift maintenance ensures that potential forthcoming problems are identified and diagnosed quickly to prevent complete mechanical failure and minimize health and safety risks for operators. Older forklifts that have a lot of mileage and logged hours of operation will eventually need to be replaced depending on how often they’re used. At NovaLift Equipment Inc., our technicians will keep an eye out on potential mechanical problems that may be brewing and inform you immediately, so you can plan accordingly. 

Ultimately, the cost of forklift repair boils down to a few simple factors. First, the age and hours of operation make a big difference. The age of a forklift is measured by the number of operational hours it has logged. Older makes and models can be difficult to repair due to the fact that some parts may be harder to find or discontinued.

Other factors include the types of mechanical errors and parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Downtime, during which forklifts are out of commission, can also increase the cost of repair for your business. You have two options. You can either close up shop until your forklift is repaired or you can rent another one in the meantime to continue operations uninterrupted.

The best way to determine what types of forklift repairs need to be done and how often is to schedule regular maintenance by a skilled mechanic or technician. Qualified forklift technicians can perform thorough visual and hands-on inspections to identify issues that are undetectable to the untrained eye. From there, they can make the appropriate service recommendations and provide a forklift repair quote.

Professional forklift repair technicians typically look for the following signs of damage or wear and tear:

  • Leaks
  • Battery is completely drained and doesn’t hold a charge or charing at all
  • Damaged chains
  • Forks are damaged, bent out of shape, or not moving up and down
  • White or black smoke emissions from the exhaust pipe
  • Slow mechanical movements
  • Safety equipment not working properly

The list of potential mechanical damages goes on. But the cost of forklift repairs in Vaughan and Concord don’t have to. At NovaLift Equipment Inc., we offer affordable and reliable forklift maintenance and repair services in the GTA. Contact us for a quote.

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