Signs Your Forklift Requires Service or Maintenance

Different types of forklifts are commonly used across a wide range of industries including construction, warehousing and logistics, and even retail. Considering the sheer number of applications and heavy lifting that forklifts do in their lifetimes, it’s important that you schedule regular maintenance, repair, and service appointments to keep your machines in optimal condition. Working with a qualified forklift repair service in Toronto is a good place to start.

If you’re not sure whether your forklift needs repairs or service, here are some signs to look out for:

It’s Leaking Oil

No matter what type of machinery you’re working with, oil leaks are always a bad sign. Oil lubricates different moving parts of your forklift to keep it operating as smoothly as possible and prevent gears from grinding together. It’s important to repair oil leaks immediately because if the oil drains completely, then that could cause the engine in your forklift to suddenly seize up.

The Chain Is Damaged

When properly maintained and lubricated with oil, the chain on your forklift can sustain approximately 6,000 hours of work. Corrosion, rust, and kinking are all signs that you need to replace or repair your forklift chain. Failing to replace the chain in time can actually damage the internal mechanism of your forklift and cause it to suddenly halt in the middle of a job, which could damage the load you’re carrying.

Worn pinheads and link plates along with an overly extended chain are all signs that the chain is damaged and needs servicing or replacement.

The Forks Are Distorted

The forks are arguably the hardest working part of your forklift—aside from the operator, of course—since they do all the heavy lifting. Depending on how often you use your forklift and how heavy the loads are, the forks will begin to warp over time. Warped or distorted forks can be a liability for your business because eventually, they’ll give out and potentially damage your products. This can also pose a potential safety issue for operators and other employees, so it’s better to repair or replace the forks.

The Mast Sticks

The mast is an integral part of any type of forklift. It facilitates lifting and supports the bulk of the weight of the load to prevent it from falling or getting damaged. Composed of the forklift’s elevation system and forks, the mast is directly connected to the hydraulic assembly. It’s important for the mast to be well-oiled for smooth performance, or else it could cause the mechanism to jerk during operation, which can damage the load and cause potential injury.

Your Battery is Draining Faster Than the Normal

Another sure sign that a forklift battery should be serviced is if it doesn’t seem to be able to hold a charge like it normally does. After charging your forklift battery, it is important to make a note of how long a charge lasts.

Ideally, batteries should be charged when they reach the 20-30% range to maximize their useful life. Otherwise, you may find that your batteries will lose their ability to hold a charge quicker than they should. Another important fact to remember is that batteries are only good for so many charging cycles, so using “opportunity charging” or “fast charging” to top off a battery that’s at 70% is just shortening the battery’s useful life.  However, if your application calls for this type of charging, it is important to ensure you are using the correct charger as well as using the correct charger properly. One last thing to remember is that it is important to ensure that your battery always has the correct amount of water.

If your forklift is exhibiting one or a combination of these issues, then it may be time to search for “forklift service near me” and schedule an appointment.

NovaLift Equipment is proud to keep your business moving. We provide extensive forklift repair, maintenance, and training services. If you need to rent or lease a forklift for a short period or would like to purchase one, we can help with that too. Contact us to book your forklift maintenance service today!

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