7 Effective Hacks to Improve Your Forklift’s Lifespan

Forklifts are among the hardest working types of material handling equipment in any warehouse or distribution center. They’re used for a wide variety of applications including stocking storage units and moving inventory of all sizes to different parts of your facility. Over time, forklifts can start to show signs of wear and tear, the severity of which depends largely on how well you take care of them. Considering the cost of replacing material handling equipment can be astronomical, proper forklift maintenance is crucial to managing your operational expenditures.

With that said, here are a few tips to help extend the lifespan of your forklifts.

Implement a Forklift Maintenance Schedule

Scheduling routine forklift maintenance checks ensure that you’re always on track and that all components of your machines are fully functional and safe to use. Operators should perform thorough forklift parts and safety checks at the beginning and end of each shift or before commencing use. Use digital or paper spreadsheets to ensure that all forklift maintenance checks are up to date and to keep track of who is using your machines.

Replenish Fluid Levels

Check the fluid levels of your forklifts every couple of days to make sure they’re optimal. Performing engine oil changes every three months doesn’t just help extend the lifespan of your machines, but it also boosts the overall performance and functionality.

Inspect the Tires and Rims

With regular use, forklift tires can lose their treads, and rims can become corroded if they’re not properly maintained. Every so often, the tires may need to be replaced or refilled with air if they’re slightly deflated. This helps keep the bands intact and attached to the rims so they don’t get damaged. Once a week, you should also measure the height of the tires to make sure that they’re properly inflated at all times and prevent a possible blow-out.

Keep the Parts Well Lubricated

Over time, moving components on your forklift can become stiff and tight, especially if you work in predominantly cold climates. Stiff parts that grind against one another are more susceptible to breaking caused by friction. Replacing forklift parts is expensive and inconvenient. Regularly lubricating the joints that connect your forklift parts prevents them from stiffening up due to cold temperatures and other environmental conditions.

Provide Ongoing Forklift Operator Training

As operational safety standards are amended over time, it’s important for businesses to keep up with these changes. To increase forklift functionality and safety standards in your facility, make sure that all of your operators are fully up to date on their training.

Don’t Overload Your Forklift

Overloading your forklifts past the recommended load capacity could damage its internal mechanisms and cause it to tip over due to the excessive weight. It’s also incredibly unsafe to unevenly stack heavy materials on one side. To keep your forklift operational for as long as possible and prevent on-the-job injuries, make sure to adhere to the recommended load capacity limits.

Use Professional Forklift Maintenance Services in Vaughan

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