Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Are the Most Efficient Option for Forklifts

Electric forklifts were traditionally powered by lead-acid batteries, despite their environmental, economical, and functional shortcomings. Lead-acid forklift batteries are more likely to get overheated with continuous use, causing them to leak. Their inability to withstand long working hours without jeopardizing safety conditions is what paved the way for manufacturers to develop a more viable and long-lasting electric batter option.

Lithium-ion forklift batteries have become an increasingly popular choice over the past few years due to their long-lasting capabilities and reliability. 

The upfront costs of lithium-ion battery-powered forklifts in Vaughan is slightly higher than those with lead-acid batteries, but the return on investment and operability is well worth it. Forklift dealers in Vaughan recommend lithium-ion batteries for the following reasons.

Increases Forklift Lifecycle

Lithium-ion batteries are about four times more productive and last longer on a single charge than standard lead-acid batteries. They’re also able to maintain a fairly stable and consistent voltage throughout the entire shift runtime, which maximizes forklift movement and lifting capabilities without slowing down. 

Lead-acid batteries start to slow down about halfway through the workday and experience a 20% battery life reduction that’s exacerbated by cold temperatures. 

Fast Charging Capabilities

Lithium-ion batteries can reach their full charge capacity in as little as two hours, whereas lead-acid batteries take about double the time to reach a full charge. Forklifts with lithium-ion batteries also offer superior productivity and performance. Lead-acid batteries degrade faster with use and frequent charging cycles over time, whereas lithium-ion batteries maintain a sufficient energy output without the rapid wear and tear. 

Minimal to No Maintenance Required

Lead-acid batteries come with a higher labour and maintenance cost. They need to be watered daily and are far more prone to acid leaks. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, require very little to absolutely no maintenance whatsoever. 

Switching to lithium-ion battery-powered electric forklifts can save your organization a lot of time and money on forklift maintenance and repairs in Vaughan and throughout the GTA. This also increases operational efficiency and productivity by allowing personnel to concentrate on completing their daily tasks without having to worry about machine malfunctions. 

Enhanced Operational and Worker Safety

Industrial facilities are full of potentially hazardous working conditions that can cause injury or illness. However, lead-acid forklift batteries have a high propensity for  leaks that can expose workers to harmful chemicals. Replacing dead batteries with fully charged ones is an especially high-risk task that increases the risk of completely avoidable injuries or illnesses. 

Lithium-ion forklift batteries completely eliminate the risk of acid spills and chemical exposure, making for a much safer working environment for personnel. 

Environmentally Friendly, Easy to Store, and Cost-Effective

Lithium-ion batteries are more efficient and charge significantly faster than their lead-acid counterparts. This reduces operational downtime and your organization’s energy output, which is good for the environment. And, because lithium-ion batteries are safe to handle and aren’t prone to leaks, you don’t need a special separate storage space for them. 

Switching to lithium-ion battery operated forklifts also reduces your energy, maintenance, and repair costs. 

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