Brush Types for Scrubbers and Floor Cleaning Machines

Poly Brush

Poly BrushThe Poly Brush is excellent for general scrubbing, more durable than plastic and highly resistant. If your cleaning bathroom floor and tile with grout lines or uneven surfaces, this is the right floor brush.

Nylon Brush

Nylon BrushThe Nylon Brush is highly resistant to abrasion with great bristle bend recovery makes this brush have a long wear life. Use this brush for rough surfaces, great for concrete floors and parking lots.


Scrub Grit Brush

Scrub Grit BrushThe Scrub Grit Brush is highly durable with minimum aggression. Use for general scrubbing of rough and resilient floors such as tile, terrazzo and non-slip epoxy finishes.


Strip Grit Brush

Strip Grit BrushUse the Strip Grit Brush for aggressive scrubbing on hard floors. Great for cleaning grease of concrete floors and stripping finishes off tile floors.


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