How to Choose the Right Forklift Dealer


When you know what to look for, reliable and affordable forklift rental, repair, and training in Concord isn’t too hard to find. Consider the following tips the next time you need to find a reputable full-service forklift dealer in Concord and throughout the GTA. Shop Around Look for reputable forklift dealers that..

Forklift maintenance is essential to extending the lifecycle of your material handling equipment and lowering long-term repair costs. As every forklift dealer in Toronto knows, tire maintenance accounts for the majority of costs associated with material handling equipment upkeep. But it doesn’t have to be that way. B..

Routine forklift maintenance in Toronto is essential to keeping your material handling equipment operational and in compliance with workplace safety standards. But sometimes, certain standard mechanical issues can be overlooked if your employees are in a hurry to start their shifts. Overworked, damaged, or old forklift..

Forklift tip-overs are among the top safety concerns in industrial environments where the use of material handling equipment is prevalent. When operating forklifts in Toronto or the GTA, drivers need to follow certain safety precautions to reduce the risk of an accident. In-depth and ongoing forklift training is an abs..

Forklifts are necessary material handling equipment for warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial work environments. Unfortunately, every forklift—regardless of its quality, make, and model—can lose a lot of its service value with time and continued usage. The key is to know when your forklift has reached it..

Despite having an expensive upfront cost, forklifts are a huge asset to every business in the logistics industry. Whether you manage a warehouse, distribution center, or a manufacturing facility, forklifts are a versatile material handling equipment that play a vital role in your business operations. Fortunately, there..

Ontario recently had a major snowstorm that wreaked havoc on main roads, highways, and commercial and industrial properties. Municipal snow removal services worked tirelessly to clear the roads to prevent as many casualties as possible and make the roads safe for motorists. But what about commercial and industrial busi..

Winter conditions like heavy snow, ice, and frigid temperatures can make it challenging to safely operate a forklift, but it’s not necessarily impossible. As long as operators adhere to all safety protocols, proper maintenance techniques, and adjust their driving like they were taught to do in training, then there sh..

Every warehouse and storage facility has a unique layout and square footage that determines the type of inventory they can house at any given time. These features also determine the types of material handling equipment that can be used on their premises. Certain types of forklifts are more suitable for narrow aisles an..

Forklifts have a long and storied history. Like many modern technological inventions and advancements, they were born out of necessity to support the supply chain and warehouse functions during World War I. By the time World War II started, forklifts had evolved into more efficient material handling equipment designed ..

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